Ariadne Hotel Skyros

Welcome to Hotel Ariadne in Skyros

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Hotel “ARIADNE”'s Studios and Apartments are located 50 meters from the smooth, golden, sandy beach of Magazia, where the sun rises from the sea.

The majestic rock of Skyros Town stands guard crowned by the ancient castle.




Inside a luscious, sun-bathed garden, fully equipped studios and two-room apartments offer comfort and tranquility while the vibrant summer life on Skyros island remains easily accessible.  Flowers, herbs and spices spread their perfume, while every corner radiates colour. 



Sweet plums, apricots, vanillas, raspberries and almonds are offered generously by the fairies of the trees just for your appreciation and a smile!  An environment designed for relaxation, with natural materials in warm, cheerful colors becomes a unique accommodation for a memorable holiday experience in Greece.  




Hotel Ariadne’s studios and apartments are particularly favored by couples and families with small children, who find their summer home on the island of Skyros!





Ariadne Hotel Skyros - Accommodation

Hotel "ARIADNE"’s Studios and Apartments are situated 50 meters from the sandy beach of Magazia.

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Seven spacious studios and four ample two-room apartments built inside a luscious, sun-bathed garden, offer the perfect setting for a unique holiday in Greece.




Wide, colorful spaces, tastefully renovated, decorated with authentic works of art and handpicked objects, offer to Ariadne’s friends tranquility and relaxation.







Studios are comprised of one large space and the bathroom (25 sq.m.), an ideal choice for the comfortable accommodation of couples, friends and families with one child. 


Studios provide A/C, SAT TV, WiFi and fully equipped kitchen. 

A selection can be made between twin bed and double bed studios.




A shady veranda compliments each studio where you can enjoy cool summer moments.

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Benefit from our room-service for breakfast, light lunch, refreshing drinks or homemade desserts!

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Comfortable two-room apartments accommodate families with 2 or 3 children or four adults.




Apartments feature a double-bed bedroom, a separate living space with kitchen and the bathroom (45 sq.m.). 

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Children's beds and baby cots may be booked for the safer accommodation of younger guests. 


In the fully equipped kitchen you can prepare a meal if you would like to spend an evening at your apartment or your children's favourite snack!



Additional room services are available upon request.


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Enjoy one more comfortable, living space at your apartment's ample furnished veranda and play with your children or just relax under the colorful greenery of Ariadne's garden!

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Accommodation Facilities & Services Additional Room Services
A/C Breakfast:  on request
Wi-Fi Room Service:  on request
Bathroom / Shower Extra Cleaning Services: on request
Fully equipped kitchen Laundry Services: on request
Electrical appliances  
  • Coffee machine
  • Kettle
  • Hot plates
  • Oven
Cooking utensils  
Bath products  
Hair dryer (provided from reception)  
Safety box (provided from reception)  
Sewing kit (provided from reception)  
Garden view  
Skyros Town view (First floor studios & apartments)  
Removal of trash - Bathroom care: daily  
Total room cleaning: twice/week  
Change of linen (sheets-towels): twice/week  







Ariadne Hotel Skyros - Activities

Discover the island of Skyros through a variety of fascinating activities!

Sailing through the crystal waters of the Aegean sea, hiking old shepherd trails and sites of outstanding natural beauty, climbing on steep, rocky slopes among rare plants, birdwatching unique migrating species in the Mountain and wetlands of the island and many more!


  • Sailing Excursions

Open sails with the wind and fly on playful seas!  Sailing around the island of Skyros will bring you in secret coves and tranquil bays, reveal sea-caves where light and sea create constant reflexions and drop you for a swim in transparent, emerald waters!  

Sailing and frequent boat-excursions are organized to the sea caves, the tour of the island and the Sporades islands.

  • Hiking  & Climbing

The island of Skyros is an ideal destination for hiking and climbing, with trails winding through the forests, the gentle hills of the west and the rocky southern slopes. Most of the trails were used by shepherds from ancient times.

Others traverse significant historical and religious sites of Skyros, such as the old watermill in Anavalsa, dating from the 19th century and the 18th century chapel of Panaghia Lympiani, built in the foundations of an ancient temple.

Along these routes, hikers and climbers come across indigenous, rare and protected species of plants, birds and animals, with the most prominent of all the little horse of Skyros.

Maps of the hiking trails of Skyros are available. Guided tours can also be arranged.

  • Birdwatching

A large part of the Mountain Kochylas in the southern part of Skyros, is a special protection area for birds and belongs to the Natura 2000 network of EU protected sights. Skyros is the largest colony of the migratory falcon “Falco eleonorae” in the world and hosts all the species of seabirds native in the Aegean sea.  The wetlands of Kalamitsa and Palamari, routes of migrating aquatic birds, are also significant birdwatcing sites.

  • Religious tourism

A tour to the religious sites of the island of Skyros will reveal numerous churches and small chapels, raised in place of ancient temples or built by the inhabitants in honor of protector Christian saints. The most renowned, is the church of St. George, patron saint of the island, build in 906 by Nikiforos Fokas and Ioannis Tsimiskis and the monastery, built on the acropolis of Skyros a few centuries later.

Also interesting is the chapel of St.Demetrius at Ferekampos featuring murals dating from the end of the 16th century.

During the summer, festivals with local songs and dances take place to honour patron saints like St. Mamas, St. Panteleimon, St. Ermolaos, Panagia Lympiani and St. Artemios. 

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